Throwing a event?

Throwing an event can be dificult. dealing with vendors, locations, set up, take down, hiring, and so much more.

Last thing you should be worried about is "how do I get people to actually show up?"

Because you don't want to throw a amazing event... and only 3 people show up!

That's where we come in!

We have done things the wrong way and we have done things the right way. Let us tell you, doing things the right way is whole lot better!

  • Correct Event Address and time
  • Emphasizing Local audiences
  • Accuracy in Tracking
  • Pictures and Detailed Information
Austin Helpers that's where we come in

Audience Analysis

This is the most important part of the entire process!

By finding out the types of people who are more likely to attend your event we can assure your event will be as packed as possible.

Image to illustrate the amount of focus that is placed on data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pay set up?

In this scenario we can either charge a set fee that we will both agree on, or we can charge based on how many people we can get to rsvp.

*If we charge based on a set fee. You will be in charge of the advertising cost.*

*If we charge based on how many people we can get to rsvp, we will be responsible for the advertising cost*

Are there any contracts we have to sign?

NOPE! We let our preformance keep you coming back. We feel as though if we are not living up to your expectations, you can let us know and we can go from there.

How will you advertise our event?

Where your audience is most likley to be. This can vary greatly based on the event you're throwing

Our Process



This is where we get our hands dirty. We find out as much about as possible about your target audience. Along with a 20-mile radius of your location(s). We do this to get a much better idea of who these people are and what they are like. Makes executing on your plan far easier



Based on what we researched, we will put everything together. From the creative, copy (text on the ads), to the campaigns, targetting, and platforms.



Go time! We now have everything in place and will launch the campaigns. And as time goes on we will optimize and fine tune your ads so you get the best results possible.



Now that everything is over we will go over a report of what happend and exactly what our impact was! *This will also be the time at which payment is due*

Ready to sell out of tickets?

*All appointments provide no-obligation advice!*

*Meaning just because we help you in the meeting, if you don't like what you hear/see you don't need to go further.*