Bus Advertising in Austin

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Although you may not take the bus, we’re sure you’ve seen some of their advertising. Which is the exact reason Bus Advertising in Austin is still effective and deserves a spot on your marketing plan!

With there being one major bus here in Austin (CapMetro) we’ll cover some of their perks and downsides.

Types of Advertising:


Side bus advertising

The Famous side ad, this is what most people think of when they hear of a bus ad.



For some this may not be useful at all,

More Reach

Due to the way the Austin streets are set up, side bus ads are seen by more than just the people who are driving

People who are walking by can also see your ad and now have been exposed to you.

You also have people in buildings who may look out of the window and see your ad!



Now although quick can be good, most people who see it will pay it no mind.

Especially if it doesn’t capture their attention, or looks like one they’ve seen before.

Banner Blindness

Now this only applies if you plan on a multi-bus campaign

If someone sees your ad a lot, they can quickly dismiss it as it’s not any new information.

But note, as this is a very rare case with this tye of campaign.


bus advertising

The ads behind the bus work great if you’re driving behind it, because what else can you see?


Potential time seen

If you’ve ever been stuck behind a bus, (and paying attention) I’m sure you have seen quite a few ads.

These are perfectly placed so those driving behind can only see the bus and your ad.

And depending on how long you’re stuck, you may actually end up reading the entire ad!


Since people who are going to see this ad, you already know what?

They’re driving somewhere, and they’re behind a bus

If you play your cards right, you can use this to strongly relate a message that resonates



Most peole who get stuck behind a bus aren’t really in the best mood.

So you should know this while creating your ad!


interior bus advertising

We aren’t sure if you’ve taken the bus recently, but the ads on the inside are almost always different than the one’s you see on the outside. Why could that be?


Specific Audience

Most people who have the means to drive do, take a Uber, friend may give them a ride, or they’ll just walk.

Which leaves those who are mostly lower income who use the bus as their normal means of transportation.

So the products they will be in the market for, will be different than that of their more affluent counterparts.


How long do you think people are on the bus for? Most people aren’t getting on then right back off.

This gives you a chance to create a ad that allows them to visit a website, call a number, or download an app.



Most people who are taking the bus aren’t the types of people who have tons of disposable income.

So If your product is pricey or might be unattainable to someone who makes less than 20k a year, you may want to think twice…


The bus is long and requires your ad to be place in the right spot in order to reach the optimal amount of people. Which can really be a crab shoot.

Bus advertising in Austin

While there are many ways to advertise on a bus you should be able to find one that fits into your marketing plan!

If you are still stuck we do offer Advertising Consulting to help find a advertising plan that best fits your marketing needs.

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