Advertising in Austin

Advertising in Austin can prove to be very profitable! IF done correctly. And we’ll walk you through some ways that you and our company can best utilize your dollar.

Austin has a bit of everything, from the old radio, billboard, bus, magazines, newspapers (Yes, we still read the paper) to the new Social, Search, and influencers.

While it may seem trivial to use the old ways of advertising, they all play their part in any key marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look, hall we?


*Feel free to skip ahead to the on that most interest you!*


Advertising in Austin by Movie

While the movie theater may be in the middle of a disruption (Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+) that’s not to say people still aren’t going to the movies.

With 76% of all consumers reporting going to the movies at least Once in 2019 compared to only 75% in 2018!

Along with Caucasians accounting for the lions share (54%) of ticket sales the Hispanic/latino community has been on the rise over the past 3 years.

And the age the mostly dominated ticket sales goes to 25-39

So if you plan on Advertising in Austin targeting Caucasians between 25-39 the Movie Theaters may be a viable option. Data by the Hollywood Reporter


Advertising in Austin by Bus

While you may not take the bus, an your audience may not either. That doesn’t mean to dismiss it all together

The bus probably won’t give you an immediate ROI, it is, highly effective for reach and awareness. I surely see their advertisements and we’re sure you do to as well.

Along with cheap prices ranging from $385 up to $1,071 (Plus install fee) your cost per 1000 impressions will be significantly lower than most other platforms.

Prices by CapMetro

*But we will caution this as some people correlate the bus with poverty. And by them seeing you ad placed there, they might think the same about your brand..*


Advertising in Austin by Magazine

There are quite a few popular magazines here in Austin, here’s a link to check out a few

Magazines offer a very unique appeal as they usually have a very targeted audience. Most will only talk about a specific niche and nothing else. And by doing so, you can rest assured the only people reading their magazine are the exact people you would think

This allows you to make sure your advertising dollars are being allocated correctly. So if you’re selling Women’s fitness clothing, you know placing in ad in a women’s or a fitness magazine will directly reach your ideal client.


Advertising in Austin via Newspaper

Nowhere near the king they used to be, Newspaper advertising is still alive and well. As the major newspaper The Austin American Statesmen reaches roughly 57% of people 18-54 and 67% of people 55+ either digitally or physically.

While no, the targeting is not there. People here in Austin hold the Statesmen in high regard, even if the don’t read it. So just by your company being associated with them somehow someway will instantly make you more credible!

So if you’re looking to increase your brands exposure and local authority, we suggest you look to the Statesmen. *However they are not cheap*

Information by the Statesmen media kit



Billboards offer the same value as Bus Advertising without the “Poverty” Stigma

While they will be more expensive than a bus ad, the prices will vary drastically based on location. A billboard by I-35 vs somewhere in suburbia will not reach the same amount of people

The one major downsides to Billboards however, is they are hard to be highly targeted and can quickly become obsolete as people will view them everyday.


Influencer marketing

This is by far not new, as companies have been using popular figures for ages… But the way in which you can reach these people has now been amplified!

Sticking with the women’s fitness apparel, you can simply reach out to a local popular girl on Instagram. Then simply pay a fee(Usually cheap for the value) to have them talk about your brand.

The biggest perk in that, is it won’t feel like an ad. To her followers it looks just like any other post, all along she tags you and raves about you in the caption. Instantly giving you a huge spike in exposure at a fraction of the cost a typical ad would.

Advertising in Austin

While there are many avenues to reach your audience, based on your advertising objectives you should be able to find the best one for you!

If you are still stuck we do offer Advertising Consulting to help find a advertising plan that best fits your marketing needs.

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